USO | Fly OAJ | Albert J. Ellis Airport | Jacksonville NC



The USO of North Carolina at Albert J. Ellis proudly caters to our traveling Marines and all military.  As a Marine traveling through OAJ, Albert J Ellis Airport in Jacksonville, the friendly faces at the USO are here to greet you and insure you feel more welcome while having a place to relax.

You’ll find the USO inside the terminal, on the first level, near baggage claim.  There are volunteers at the location ready to assist with more information about programs and resources that have been made available.  OAJ has spacious changing facilities as well.  Just ask the volunteer at the desk and they will guide you.  

Our USO center features include: a television, computers, comfortable lounge chairs, and complimentary snacks and drinks.  It is OAJ’s way of providing an extra level of service to our U. S. military travelers, and a way to say “thank you for your service”.