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Flight Training

Pilot Training Jacksonville NC | All American Aviation ServicesBecoming a pilot is a surefire way to change your life and your perspective. All American Aviation Services (AAAS) offers flight training, a rotor to wings transition training program, and aircraft rentals.

AAAS prides itself on affordable pricing, their large fleet, and dedicated instructors. Whether you are looking to earn your private pilot license or to become a professional pilot, All American Aviation Services offers the additional ratings and certificates that you need in order to do so.

All American Aviation Services accommodates students by offering flight/pilot training options for students in a self-paced program and an accelerated program, making the training opportunities accessible to many lifestyles. When training at your own pace, AAAS recommends taking no less than 2 lessons per week for best results.

Training Packages & Cost

The average cost of flight school varies depending on the length of time for completion of the course and the student’s learning ability. The more often you fly, the quicker you complete the course! Visit the All American Aviation Services website to learn more about flight school tuition.

*All packages have additional costs of DPE $750 – $800 per evaluation. Written evaluations are $160 extra. Insurance is required for all solo activity.

Pilot License (PPL) Program

Obtaining your PPL allows you to fly an airplane on personal need. The Private Pilot Training Course is FAA certified and approved Part 141 course. If you already have some flight experience, AAAS also offers training according to FAR part 61.

The course program consists of three stages, including obligatory ground and flight training. After completing each stage, an exam is administered by the chief pilot or a senior flight instructor.

*Minimum part 141 requirements: 35 flight hours, 35 ground school.

Discovery Flights

If you have been considering flying, the discovery flight is a wonderful place to start. This introductory flying session allows you to experience aviation with a Certified Flight Instructor. You will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the operation of the aircraft, as well as pilot the plane under direct pilot supervision.

It is never too late to fly. AAAS provides a flexible approach to pilot training that makes it easy for students to plan for flight training without disrupting their daily lives. With a hands-on approach, AAAS believes that every student can succeed.