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Contact OAJ-Ellis Airport, located near Jacksonville, NC & surrounding areas

Be sure to check our FAQ’s page for any questions you need answered, or get in touch with OAJ-Ellis today with any questions you have about flying with us. Here you can also give us feedback if there is a way we can improve the OAJ-Ellis Airport experience.

Employees At Our Jacksonville Airport

Christopher White, A.A.E.

Airport Director



Mitch Sprunger, A.A.E.

Deputy Airport Director

910.324.1100 Ext. 5796


Michael Schultz

Police Chief

910.324.1100 Ext. 3164


Sandra Janssen, CLGFO, C.M.

Manager of Finance and Administration

910.324.1100 Ext. 3161


Chief Coleman Cannon

ARFF/Operations Chief

910.324.1100 Ext. 3169