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What’s allowed to fly – Airports near Camp Lejeune?

Posted February 2, 2022

Flying can already be confusing and stressful enough without getting stopped by TSA for regular security screening. Between layovers, traffic, weather and all of the other typical travel-related stresses, it’s best to make your TSA experience as smooth and quick as possible. These are some of the more popular items that you might want to take on board that may have possible restrictions. Always check TSA.gov for the latest information and anything unusual items.

1. Knives

Most sharp objects have general restrictions when flying out of any airport including those near Camp Lejeune. A rule of thumb is that you cannot take sharp objects, whether it be a pocket knife, a razor blade, or a saw, in your carry-on luggage. You can still travel with a knife or other sharp object within your checked baggage, though. So, if you stop at an airport in Jacksonville NC, and want to buy a custom or souvenir pocket knife as a gift, there are still ways for you to get it back home with you while adhering to TSA rules, just place it in your checked luggage.

2. Sporting Equipment

When flying into an airport near Camp Lejeune, it’s likely that the nearby waterways are calling your name. One of the best water pastimes is sitting back and catching a few fish. Luckily, the only restriction for fishing rods is making sure that they fit within the size limits of the carry-on compartment. Other than that, fishing rods can be stowed overhead, inside of a carry-on, or in your checked luggage! A proper carrying case is always recommended. Other sporting equipment such as golf clubs and bats are usually not permitted in the cabin.

3. Liquids and Gels (Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne, Perfume)

Liquids are one of the most common items confiscated by the TSA. Given that there is an amount limit of 3.4 ounces in carry-on bags, many passengers accidentally try to carry too much on board the plane. There is no limit, however, for checked baggage in most situations.

4. Cameras

Cameras are a must-have for most people when visiting scenic places. If you fly into an airport in Jacksonville NC, odds are you’ll be interested in the natural beauty that Jacksonville and the surrounding areas have to offer. Visiting parks like Hammocks Beach, Oakhurst Landing and Nature Trail is sure to have plenty of natural beauty to offer. Luckily, digital cameras are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage, meaning there is nothing stopping you from capturing beautiful pictures of everything you experience!

5. Firearms

In most cases firearms are not allowed in aircraft cabins. however in many cases they may be checked. Each airline has very specific requirements for checking firearms, so its always recommended to review those details well in advance of your travel. Generally, firearms must be unloaded and secured in a locked hard side case. Ammunition must be stored in its factory packaging seperate from the firearm and magazine. This practice goes for ammunition as well. Above all remember that firearms and ammunition are never allowed in your carry-on.

Item Restrictions at Airports Near Camp Lejeune

While you can typically check most items, there are often restrictions for carry-on items from peanut butter to tools. It’s a great practice to check the airline and TSA websites if you feel unsure about something that you are considering flying with and read more about the specific details of whatever item you have concerns over!