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Tips on Managing Aviophobia During Flights to Jacksonville NC

Posted February 1, 2023

At Albert J. Ellis Airport, we acknowledge that many people struggle with flight anxiety, sometimes preventing them from booking North Carolina flights. Aviophobia is a condition where a person experiences anxiety when flying. Many people experience nervousness when flying, and this is entirely natural! About 40% of the general population reports a fear of flying. We understand some people struggle with this more than others, but we wanted to suggest some simple coping mechanisms for those dealing with anxiety before or during flights to Jacksonville NC.

Step 1: Know Your Triggers

Understanding and avoiding your triggers will dramatically improve your ability to cope. Beyond just the plane itself, numerous more elements can make flying anxiety-provoking. This may include turbulence, engine noises, or having underlying phobias such as claustrophobia, acrophobia, and germaphobia. Understanding the source of your concerns and anxieties will help you deal with them as distinct problems, which will eventually improve your travel experience.

Step 2: Finding Relaxation Techniques

After identifying particular underlying triggers, you can find relaxation strategies to help calm you during instances of distress or when you anticipate anxiety. Concentrating on your breathing is one of the best ways to relax. As simple as it may seem, paying attention to your breathing has substantial physical and psychological benefits. Breathing allows you to concentrate on your body rather than your surroundings while delivering oxygen to your lungs and brain. Listening to music is another excellent approach to relaxing throughout your travel. You can use soothing music to take your mind off your anxiety. Alternatively, you may bring some water, chewing gum to help you relax, and a book or magazine.

Step 3: Appreciate your flight

As cliché as it may sound, getting through each flight with gratitude will help you overcome your fear of flying. You can eliminate your triggers and phobias by exposing yourself to them. This process, known as exposure therapy, allows you to face your worries and overcome your anxiety by exposing yourself to it.

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