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The Advantages of Renting a Car

Posted March 20, 2020

Traveling provides many people with an escape from their daily routines, it is not only proven to relieve stress, but it has the power to improve one’s overall health. While kicking off your stress-free journey, the last thing you want to worry about after air travel is finding a new means of transportation, whether that involves a cab fare or bus fees. Renting a car at OAJ- Ellis Airport in Jacksonville NC provides people with a convenient method of finding last-minute transportation at a reasonable price. 


Once renting a car at the airport, your new vehicle is easily accessible where you are then able to drive wherever you need to go, while getting on the road as soon as possible without worrying about the time schedule of public transportation. This not only provides people with immediate transportation, but it also allows people to opt into a more safe and comfortable environment. If you are on a short trip or exploring an unfamiliar destination, you know you can always count on a car being available whenever you need it.  

Unlimited Miles

Watching the mileage on a rental car can be tricky, you become effortlessly distracted by the scene of your vacation and before you know it you are having to pay per mile. However, most rental car companies at airports typically allow unlimited miles on their rental cars, meaning you have unlimited possibilities especially in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This is advantageous to not only men and women traveling for business who may need a car to drive back and forth during their stay, but it also provides families on getaways with a reliable vehicle that allows them to truly get the most out of their vacation without worrying about how many miles they have driven.  


While renting a car can get expensive, OAJ-Ellis Airport works closely with passengers to ensure you have the best experience possible. If you elect to take public transportation compared to purchasing a rental car, the bill steadily increases during the entirety of your stay which may result in having to cut a few trips short to avoid the meter in a cab. However, with a rental car you will find most airport rental companies are comprised of the better deals.  

OAJ-Ellis Airport

Renting a car with OAJ-Ellis Airport in Jacksonville NC provides passengers with many different advantages and opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about the process behind renting a car at our airport feel free to Contact Us. OAJ-Ellis Airport has been operating for over 49 years now, ensuring customers of safe and efficient flights during their travels.