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Pros & Cons Of Flying Coach

Posted February 10, 2023

Flying coach, also known as economy class, is often seen as the “budget option” of air travel. At Albert J. Ellis Airport, the closest airport near Jacksonville NC, we strive to offer our American Airlines and Delta budget minded passengers a hassle-free first class experience when arriving or departing. Although there are some sacrifices to make, flying coach comes with a few perks that some may not expect.


  1. Cost: Coach plane tickets are the least expensive option. This helps those on a tight budget that need to keep their travel costs down. It also gives adventure seekers the financial flexibility to travel more often.
  2. Destination Options: Compared to first or business class, there are often more coach-level airfare options available to choose from. This opens the door to more destination possibilities and more sights to see during layovers. Those flying into our airport near Jacksonville NC will have plenty of must-see parks, beaches, and memorial gardens to visit.
  3. Sense of Community: When flying coach, people are more likely to strike up a friendly conversation with their fellow passengers. This camaraderie could lead to fulfilling personal or professional relationships. Although many prefer to nap or keep to themselves on flights, the social butterflies would prefer the personable atmosphere of coach class.
  4. Less Pollution: Flying coach is a more sustainable, eco-friendly way to travel. On average, there are around 4-5 times as many coach seats versus first-class seats per flight. With more passengers in coach per flight, fewer carbon emissions are produced per passenger mile.


  1. Limited Space and Comfort: Coach class seating can often feel cramped, with less leg room and personal space.
  2. Lack of Amenities: Coach class generally offers fewer amenities and services. Passengers may have to pay extra for food, premium snacks or adult drinks on a flight, and they may not have access as many power outlets. Our airport near Camp Lejeune offers a variety of food options and amenities, so passengers can recharge before or after their flight.
  3. Limited Baggage Allowance: Coach passengers are usually given a limit to how much luggage they can bring on the flight. They may be charged extra fees if they exceed the baggage allowance.
  4. Increased Chance of Getting Bumped: Coach passengers are often the first to be bumped from a flight if the flight is oversold.

Choose The Leading Airport Near Jacksonville NC

When it comes down to cost, practicality, and the environment, flying coach is often the better airfare option. Those willing to sacrifice a little on comfort and complimentary refreshments will save on travel costs and be able to check more destinations off their list over time. Be sure to choose the leading airport near Jacksonville NC, Albert J. Ellis Airport, for your next trip to the Carolinas.