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Military Benefits at OAJ

Posted March 2, 2022

OAJ airport has been serving customers for over 50 years and typically sees north of 330,000 flyers annually. Existing as the airport closest to MCB Camp Lejeune, OAJ is a popular hub for those visiting eastern North Carolina and it’s beautiful beaches. Offering flights from both Delta and American airlines and regular travel to and from Charlotte and Atlanta, it’s no wonder that OAJ has become so popular in the surrounding area. Additionally, as the airport closest to Camp Lejeune, OAJ assists many military members with their flights. As a member of the military, you can receive various benefits from the airlines that can save you money during your travels.

American Airline Benefits

If you are catching a flight with American Airlines out of OAJ, there are several ways in which you can benefit. American offers all active military members free luggage with their ID. If you are flying because of traveling orders, you are allowed 5 bags weighing up to 100 pounds for each active military as well as for each dependent. If you are traveling for leisure, you get 3 bags weighing up to 50 pounds each. This is no small measure either! For other travelers, bags weighing 100lbs would cost $200 or more per bag. For 3 bags weighing 50lbs, you would owe a total of $220 before tax. American Airlines also provides preferred boarding and offers military fares in some markets. Visit for discounted military fares.

Delta Air Lines Benefits

If you choose to fly with Delta out of your airport closest to Camp Lejeune, you will be met with similar benefits! Delta, like American Airlines, offers 5 free 100lbs bags to military members that are traveling on military orders. However, when traveling for personal reasons, Delta only offers two free 50lbs bags unless you are a part of Delta Premium Select or First Class & Delta One.

Delta does also offer military medical travel, though. This means that if your immediate family member is injured in combat, you can book a discounted flight at the closest airport to Camp Lejeune. All you need to provide is your name, your relation to them, and the hospital where they are being treated.

Airport Amenities

The Albert J. Ellis Airport offers several special features for traveling service members and their families. The USO has a travel center open on peak travel days which offers comfortable seating and stacks to active duty personnel and their families. The airport offers extra outlets and fast free wi-fi to help visitors stay connected. Changing rooms are also available near baggage claim for those that need to report for duty in dress uniforms, but prefer to travel comfortably. Finally airport and airline staff understand the military’s unique travel systems and how to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Airport Closest to Camp Lejeune | OAJ

If you are a military member and are needing to fly out of the airport closest to Camp Lejeune, you should double-check for any benefits made available to you by the airlines provided. If you’re unsure about your options or which airlines your eastern North Carolina airport services, visit our website today and learn more.