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Last Minute Flight Must Haves

Posted July 2, 2022

Travel isn’t always planned months ahead of time. It can become a necessity that occurs due to extenuating circumstances. This quick turnaround time can cause anyone to overlook and forget crucial travel items. However, having a plan or list of necessities when taking flights to Jacksonville North Carolina becomes a must, can ensure you are prepared and can travel worry-free.

Must-Have Items

When traveling, especially by air, there are a variety of must-have items that when forgotten can hinder your ability to travel safely or travel at all. Before departing for the airport closest to Camp Lejeune, ensure you have any government-issued documents on hand. These include a driver’s license, passport, or any other form of necessary identification. Furthermore, ensure you have any airline and flight-specific documentation on your person as well. Documents such as boarding passes, flight confirmations, and baggage tickets are a must no matter the airline of choice. Outside of regulatory items, prior to arriving at your local eastern North Carolina airport double-check to guarantee you have everyday essentials including credit cards, medication, keys and your mobile phone. Carry these items on board the aircraft.

Should-Have Items

Traveling can be stressful and while you can technically travel without certain items, it is always recommended to be prepared for any situation. Items such as chargers, handheld electronics, and laptops, earphones, books, while not a must can be extremely useful while traveling. Other items such as snacks are incredibly important, especially if you have certain dietary needs. If you regularly take flights to Jacksonville North Carolina, looking into government programs such as TSA Precheck can save you time which is crucial for truly last-minute flight changes.

OAJ | Airport Closest to Camp Lejeune

Last-minute flights don’t have to be stressful. Having a detailed plan or even a simple list of items you need or may need to make traveling possible can be a lifesaver. That’s why at OAJ our mission is to make your flights to Jacksonville North Carolina easy and stress-free. For the past 50 years, we have served Jacksonville and our military community by being the hometown alternative for commercial travel. To schedule your next adventure with Albert J Ellis Airport in Jacksonville, visit our website today!