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Is Upgrading to First Class Worth It?

Posted February 15, 2021

Of course, everyone likes to travel in style, but is upgrading your flight to First Class worth the extra money? Here at Albert J. Ellis Airport, your local airport near Jacksonville NC, we care about our customers getting the most bang (or miles) for their buck. While flying First Class does come with many champagne-popping charms, we are here today to tell you if upgrading your flight is really worth it.

The Perks 

There’s no doubt flying First Class is bound to make you feel like a celebrity walking down the red carpet with special access to airport amenities and priority boarding. However, you have to consider whether the additional amenities associated with First Class are that much better than the regular amenities offered to all flyers. For instance, throughout our airport near Jacksonville NC, OAJ has a lounge and grill for relaxation, several rental car agencies for transportation, and a gift shop with a wide selection of goods available for all flyers. 

Let’s be honest, the benefits of flying First Class begin when you step onto your flight. From top-level personal service to meals provided by five-star chefs, you may start feeling like you’re in a movie rather than an airplane with in-flight perks. Not to mention, the added comfort First Class provides with padded seating that lies down to double as a bed.

Questions to Consider  

Choosing whether to upgrade your flight to First Class is your personal choice. As an OAJ flight passenger, you will discover that our airport near Jacksonville NC aims to provide a stress-free experience for everyone. While flying First Class is undoubtedly more convenient, here are a few questions we think you should consider before making your decision: 

  • How long is the flight? The longer the duration of a flight is, the more worth it upgrading to First Class becomes. Lack of legroom and long flights are not good friends. 
  • Do you have airline miles to spend on a flight upgrade? If you don’t fly often, your accumulated miles may be of value when upgrading your flight. On the other hand, if you fly frequently, your miles may already qualify you for an upgrade due to your status. 
  • Would you rather spend the extra money once you reach your destination? This question is similar to considering whether you would like to spend more money on your wedding or your honeymoon. If you spend more on your flight seats now, are you going to enjoy yourself as much when you reach your actual destination?
  • Do you need to be well-rested when your flight lands? If you are flying for a business trip, First Class is most likely a sensible option for you to consider. By flying First Class, you can step off your flight feeling rejuvenated and ready for any business obligations.

Albert J. Ellis Airport | Airport Near Jacksonville NC 

It’s no secret that flying First Class is notably expensive. When deciding if upgrading your flight to First Class is worth spending more, it ultimately comes down to cost compared to convenience. Pretty much, is the pricey ticket worth the perks you are going to experience? Either way, if you live close to our airport near Jacksonville NC, OAJ-Ellis is the most convenient airport for you. Here is how to learn more about our airport’s many features and find your best flight option!