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How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Posted August 16, 2019

Trying to make it through the TSA line can really put your patience to the test. We know how stressful it can be at the airport in Jacksonville NC as well as others, so here are some tips to help you get through airport security faster and easier: 

Have Paperwork Ready 

Have your boarding pass and ID ready as soon as you enter the queue. You will need to show it to the Travel Documents Checker and while you may think you know exactly where it is, but you can never be too prepared. This way, you can avoid digging through your bag to locate what you need when it’s your turn.  

Socks & Slip-Ons 

When dressing for the airport, think functional. Keep your jewelry, belts, and your phone in your carry-on. You may even consider putting your jewelry and keys in your jacket pocket before putting your jacket through the X-ray, and then redress at your gate rather than in front of the plastic tray. You are required to take your shoes off to get through the metal detectors, so wear shoes with socks instead of sandals or flip-flops. It’s more hygienic, safer for you, and will keep your feet warm on cold flights. If you must wear closed-toed shoes, try ballet flats or slip-on loafers.  

Packing Liquids 

All liquids and gels must be 3.4 ounces or smaller and fit into a 1-quart bag. Save money by purchasing clear bottles that you can fill up with your products from home rather than buying a bunch of travel-sized products. Put them all in a bag and keep it stored in the front pocket of your carry-on for easy access.  


Part of the TSA’s plan to keep you safe is to have variability in their processes. This means what you experienced last time or in this city may be different. The rules and technology also change based on the threat, so if you haven’t flown in a while visit for the latest rules. 

Mark Your Luggage 

After your trip is over, all you want to do is get home. When it’s time to grab your suitcase, you don’t want to panic trying to find which one is yours. Mark your luggage with a brightly colored or patterned tag with your contact information written on it. You should be able to spot your suitcase quickly and get going. If your worried about damage or pilferage snap a picture of the contents of your luggage just before you close your baggage. 

Be Nice 

Most people in the airport are probably just as stressed as you are. You may end up needing some help at some point, but it never helps to take out anger on another person. Patience and kindness can go a long way in the airport. 

Albert J. Ellis Airport 

The Albert J. Ellis Airport (OAJ) wants you to enjoy the journey and fly stress-free. Located near Jacksonville and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Richlands, NC, OAJ provides multiple flight options for travelers from Jacksonville, Morehead City, Hampstead and beyond. American Airlines and Delta Air Lines fly to and from Jacksonville’s airport bound for Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. By starting your journey at OAJ, airport in Jacksonville NC, you can get almost anywhere in the world from Aruba to Zurich with a simple connection at one of these world-class hubs.