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Flight Beauty Tricks   

Posted November 5, 2019

A day of flying can take a toll on you. A long day of sitting, waiting in line, and moving through the crowds can have an effect on your appearance too. Although you want to stay comfortable while traveling, you still want to look good when you are running through the airport and when you arrive at your destination. TSA has some strict guidelines when it comes to packing liquids over three ounces, so you may not be able to pack all of the cosmetics you may need. Here are some helpful tricks for packing so you can stay looking your best at OAJ Ellis airport.

Hair Tricks 

When you are running through security and the lines, you probably just want to throw your hair up so it is out of your face. Instead of just a regular hairband, try using a scarf or a colorful scrunchie to add some color to your hairstyle. Avoid anything with metal unless you want to be patted down. Apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair before you put it up so by the time you get off your flight, your hair will be soft and smooth. Since most cans of dry shampoo are too large to go in your carry on bag, pack a small bottle of hair or baby powder and a hairbrush. This can be applied to your hair to get rid of any oil and have it looking fresh for when you step off the plane.  

Makeup Tricks 

The humidity on an airplane is kept relatively low to reduce the risk of corrosion. This helps with the hair but plays havoc on your skin. Hydration and a moisturized face will keep your skin looking its best. Packing eye pads and makeup wipes are a great way to remove dirt and makeup while moisturizing your face, without having to worry about packing a liquid moisturizer. Most of your favorite makeup brands come in travel size, and the compact size makes it easy to pack in a small bag in your carry on. Once you land you can take a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up and you are ready to take on your destination.  

OAJ Ellis Airport

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