August 19th - National Aviation Day! - Fly OAJ

August 19th – National Aviation Day!

Posted August 17, 2022

The invention of flight has been a jewel in the crown of Eastern North Carolina for over a hundred years. This incredible feat of man, originally attempted and credited to the Wright Brothers, has caused the earth to shrink and allowed commerce to expand. Travel across the globe is now as commonplace as are the fresh flowers from a different continent adorning your table. It is for those reasons, that August 19th has been established as National Aviation Day. This nationally recognized holiday emphasizes the illustrious history North Carolina flights and the people who make aviation possible.

History of National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day was established in 1939 by president Franklin Roosevelt. The day was specifically chosen to reflect the aforementioned Wright Brothers, who are credited with the creation of a controllable flying mechanism. This feat was the basis of modern flight as we know it today. Over time National Aviation Day has grown to include other feats and notable names in the world of aviation. It’s the remembrance of these feats that allow modern engineers to improve aviation technology to continue to make North Carolina flights and other domestic flights possible.

National Aviation Day And OAJ

OAJ Airport has celebrated National Aviation Day for a number of years for a variety of reasons. The obvious is the importance the holiday has to mankind having taken flight only 138 miles away on a sandy dune. The second is the direct connection our airport near Jacksonville NC has with the date itself. On August 19th, 2015 OAJ opened the doors to its newest passenger terminal. This terminal was the focal point of our expansion plan that included new utilities, roadways, aircraft hangars, passenger and executive terminals, and a new air traffic control tower. Our continued mission to improve our amenities coincides with the mission of the holiday itself and benchmarks our vision of growth.

OAJ | Airport Near Jacksonville NC

National Aviation Day is not just another day at Albert J Ellis Airport. The history of the holiday and the connection with our mission and values make August 19th a crucial day at OAJ. Along with our plan to expand our vision to be your premier provider of North Carolina flights, our team is here to welcome each and every passenger here in Jacksonville NC. To learn more about our airport visit our website today!