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Airport Tips 2020

Posted July 20, 2020

If you haven’t flown often, there are probably some things you could learn that you never knew before. Even if you are an expert flyer, you could likely take advantage of a few tips and tricks! Here’s how to get the best out of your airport and flight experience: 

Book a Red-Eye Flight 

If you dislike crowds, consider a red-eye flight if you don’t mind a late departure. These flights take off between 9 pm and 7 am and usually tend to be less packed than other flights. Not only will you avoid a huge crowd, but it may also be cheaper. Keep in mind that this will also save you a night in accommodation fees, and you’ll have the whole day ahead of you when you land. These are commonly found on long west to east routes.  

Check Flight Status 

Many airlines allow you to check your flight status online so you can find out in advance if it is delayed or canceled. You can also sign up for automatic alerts. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go check in! 

Download Offline Maps 

Google Maps lets you download and access registered maps offline, so now you don’t have to clog your camera roll with screenshots of the map. You may not have WiFi when you land, so this could really come in handy.  

Pack a Snack 

Food at the airport can be a little spendy. Bring some of your favorite snacks to save money, especially if you’re on a tight budget. 

Portable Chargers 

Get a portable charger and make sure it is powered enough to fully charge your phone at least once. This can prove to be useful in the airport, during your flight, and even during your trip. It’s not always easy to find places to charge your electronics and many airplanes don’t yet have power at the seat. 

Take Zip Top Bags 

Ziploc or similar bags are great for many things: you can store your snacks in them or you can keep electronics zipped up inside. That way, if one of your liquids leaks, your phone or laptop will be kept dry. Another great function of zip top bags is to hold your clothes. This guarantees that your clothes will arrive at their destination dry while saving space at the same time.  

Check-In Online 

Checking in online is one of the simplest things you can do to save time at the airport. It gives the airline a signal that you’re more likely to show up for your flight, so they won’t overbook.  

Post-COVID Travel 

Safety rules vary by airline, city, and country. It is safe to fly when the proper precautions are taken. Some services may be restricted, so you’ll want to be prepared. 

Albert J. Ellis Airport 

Albert J. Ellis Airport (OAJ) wants you to enjoy the journey and fly stress-free. Located near Jacksonville and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Richlands, NC, OAJ provides multiple flight options for travelers from Jacksonville, Morehead City, Hampstead and beyond. US Airways and Delta Air Lines fly to and from Jacksonville’s airport bound for Charlotte Douglas International Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. By starting your journey at OAJ, you can get almost anywhere in the world from Aruba to Zurich with a simple connection at one of these world-class hubs.