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Affordable North Carolina Flights For the Holidays

Posted February 1, 2023

With millions of travelers expected to be in and out of airports during the holiday season, many expect delays, increased flight prices, and an overall more difficult time traveling to and from destinations. While wait times and bustling airport crowds are out of the travelers’ control, ensuring you book your flight at a decent cost is something everyone can do. If you are traveling to see family, friends, loved ones, or for personal leisure this holiday season, it is time to start booking your flight! Travel costs might fluctuate based on the departure and arrival times, the date you book the flight, the calendar year, the destination, the airline, and the airport of choice. It is essential to research North Carolina flights to find the most affordable booking.

Flights to Jacksonville NC

While it may be cheaper to fly in and out of large, international airports such as Charlotte Douglas International or Raleigh-Durham International, those airports are known to serve tens of thousands of of passengers daily during the holidays. If your final destination is within close reach to these airports, it makes sense to fly in and out of them. However, if your friends and family live hours away, we suggest flying through one of the other local airports within the state.

Many families and friends travel to spend the holidays along the beautiful coast of North Carolina or visit to see loved ones during vacation time at one of the many military bases located in coastal North Carolina. If your ultimate destination is along the North Carolina coast, booking plane tickets to Jacksonville NC, and traveling in and out of Albert J. Ellis Airport in Jacksonville, NC is your best bet for stress-free travel. Make sure to check out the cost calculator, which gives a close estimate of how much your trip will cost, comparing the airport you choose.

When is the Best Time to Book Your Flight?

If you are planning on booking a flight for Thanksgiving or the holidays in December, the best time to book your flights to Jacksonville is early October or earlier if you know your travel plans. After Halloween, plane tickets can spike 40% when booking a holiday flight— talk about scary! Make sure to beat the holiday madness, so you can focus on what makes you happy, like family.

North Carolina Flights | Albert J. Ellis Airport

The Albert J. Ellis Airport team understands that making flight reservations can be stressful, so we strive to make the process as simple and inexpensive as possible. If you are looking to book any North Carolina flights, make sure to check out plane tickets to Jacksonville NC for stress-free, enjoyable travel. Visit our website, and find your next get-away vacation in the Carolinas.