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6 of the Best Ways to Spend Your Layover

Posted December 9, 2020

Flights with layovers are often cheaper than direct flights. However, during the winter season, layovers tend to happen more often than expected due to inclement weather. While sitting in an airport chair for hours on end sounds ravishing, Albert J Ellis Airport, the closest airport to Jacksonville NC has 6 of the best ways to spend your layover while you are waiting for connecting flights Jacksonville, NC.

Go Sightseeing.

Most people don’t realize that with a layover of 6 hours or more, there is some pretty valuable time that can either be spent sitting in an airport or exploring a new city! Some layovers can talk almost an entire day, and that is a prime opportunity to get yourself out of the airport and into the beautiful, historical, or modern city surrounding you. As long as you are back in time to go through security again and make it aboard your flights Jacksonville, NC, you are free to roam the uncharted territory. 

Buy Souvenirs or an Updated Wardrobe.

If you’ve been meaning to do some shopping but haven’t had the time, now is that time! Depending on what type of airport you have your layover in, there can be a handful of high-end, name-brand storefronts just around the corner. Airports always have the best souvenir shops, and there’s nothing better than buying an article of clothing that is specific to an area that brings back wonderful memories of traveling. 

Wine and Dine.

We aren’t talking about peanuts and canned diet soda. Your wait time is the perfect time to find a sit-down restaurant in or close to your airport and experience the cuisine of the area, or something that tastes like home. There is always variety in an airport, so we are sure that you will find something that satisfies you. 

Visit a Spa.

When a layover lasts more than a few hours in between flights Jacksonville, NC, this is your opportunity to treat yourself. Traveling can cause stress, anxiety, and build up tension in the body, what is the best solution for all of these ailments? A spa visit! Some airports offer on-premise spa solutions, but if they don’t, check out in the city around the airport. Receiving a deep tissue massage can make traveling more enjoyable and relaxing, who wouldn’t want that? 

Get Some Exercise.

Your health matters, even when you’re traveling. Airports throughout the country and world offer indoor gyms and yoga areas for their customers to enjoy, just look at a map or visit the help desk to see if the one you have your layover in is one of those. If your layover puts you in a hotel, get your sweat out there to feel better.

Turn Your Layover Into a Stopover.

If your layover in a great city is too short, and you’re not in a big rush to get to your destination, check if you can turn it into a stopover. The difference between a layover and a stopover is that while layovers last up to 23 hours, a stopover is typically 24 hours or more. Many prefer to get a hotel during a stopover- turning it into a mini-vacation within their travel plans. Stopovers are a great way to explore a new city with more time to explore than a layover, and the chance to see more of the world than originally expected. 

Hopefully, this list of tips has turned your dreaded layover into an opportunity to see new places, experience new things, or treat yourself with out-of-the-ordinary decisions. Great things happen in the spur of the moment, and a layover is a great time to get creative with your time. Contacting the help desk of Albert J Ellis Airport, one of the closest airports to Jacksonville NC can help you learn more about what is surrounding the airport and can help you decide the best way to spend your layover time. 

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